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Little girl working on play-based skills in occupational therapy

Pediatric Occupational & Speech Therapy

Serving Families in and around Leander, TX

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Welcome to

Two Therapies in a Pod

At Two Therapies In A Pod, we help children thrive through purposeful play!

Our occupational and speech therapy services are tailored to the needs of each child to support communication, feeding, and overall independence. We also dedicate time to parent education so that you can help your child make ongoing progress during normal daily routines.
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Play-based learning

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Whole-body sensory & motor experiences

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Family friendly clinic space in Leander, TX

Birth - 18 years!

Support for daily life activities & routines

Education & training for parents & caregivers


Occupational Therapy

A child's "occupation" is to play, learn, and take care of themselves! We will help your child gain new developmental skills during play activities, daily routines, and engaging sensory experiences. No matter what your child struggles with - whether it's handwriting, self-care, fine motor skills, or emotional regulation - our goal is to give them a just-right challenge by breaking down the activity into simple, manageable steps that end in success. Together, we will help your child overcome obstacles and face challenges with confidence!

Child with a speed delay participating in speech therapy

Speech Therapy

If your child speaks with sound errors or a lisp, they may have a difficult time being understood by others. We meet them where they are in their speech sound development and design activities that focus on the sounds and sound patterns that are most challenging for them. Speech therapy sessions will teach about tongue and lip placement, sound patterns, and how to self-correct when there is a communication breakdown. Our goal is to get lots of practice during motivating games and activities!

Feeding Therapy

Whether your child is a picky eater or has a more complex feeding difficulty, trying to get them to eat can be frustrating and exhausting. Our feeding therapy sessions will encourage your child to play with their food and get messy to become comfortable with a variety of foods and textures! We use principles from the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding to increase mealtime success through purposeful play with food. Our goal is to analyze sensory, oral motor, behavioral, social, medical, and nutritional factors affecting your child's feeding and identify strategies to increase mealtime success.

Child and parent using early intervention strategies for late talkers to improve language skills

Early Language

Is your child a late talker? Our early intervention services are designed to support children in gaining communication skills from 18 months to 3 years of age! Through a combination of parent coaching, routines based activities, and play, we will give your child the skills they need to verbally engage with the world around them and communicate their wants and needs with less frustration. Before long, your child will be pointing, vocalizing, gesturing, and speaking their way through the day!

Child working on fine motor skills in occupational therapy
Child participating in feeding therapy for picky eating

Meet Our Team

Megan McFarlin, OTR/L, MOT

Owner, Occupational Therapist

Megan is an occupational therapist with experience working in outpatient pediatric clinics. She became passionate about early intervention while working in an emergency foster care home and has since dedicated her career to providing play-based learning opportunities to children in her community! Megan co-founded Two Therapies in a Pod to help children experience success in their developmental journeys. She is dedicated to problem-solving daily challenges to help each child live their most independent life. Megan has advanced training in programs such as the SOS Approach to Feeding, Learning Without Tears handwriting program, Interactive Metronome, and The Listening Program. When she isn't working, Megan enjoys chasing her toddler around with her husband, being outside, and traveling to Colorado for fun adventures with her family!

Megan McFarlin, OTR/L, MOT, occupational therapist in Austin, TX
Ashley Salsbery, M.A., CCC-SLP, speech therapist in Austin, TX

Ashley Salsbery, M.A., CCC-SLP

Co-Founder, Speech-Language Pathologist

Ashley is a dedicated speech therapist with experience working in outpatient pediatric clinics, hospital settings, and local school districts. Ashley co-founded Two Therapies in a Pod because she loves working collaboratively with families and takes pride in helping children reach their full potential. She believes that early intervention combined with parent involvement is the key to success in speech therapy! Outside of work, Ashley enjoys reading, working out, and reaching her personal goals. As a new mama, she soaks up all the quality time that she can get with her family!

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 Getting Started with Two Therapies in a Pod is Easy!

Step One

Contact us! Call 512-222-6828 or email us to discuss your concerns, allow us to answer any questions, and determine how we can best support you and your child through one-on-one occupational or speech therapy services.

Step Two

 Schedule an evaluation! We perform a comprehensive evaluation to get to know your child, identify their strengths, assess challenge areas, and develop a treatment plan with individualized goals to help your child succeed. 

Step Three

Start therapy and watch your child thrive through purposeful play! Speech sessions are typically 30-45 minutes, and OT sessions are 60 minutes. At the end of each session, we will provide you with resources and strategies to use at home.

We are in-network with some BCBS insurance plans and provide superbills to private pay clients.
Reach out to learn more!

Two Therapies in a Pod graphic
Two Therapies in a Pod graphic

Join us in our family friendly clinic!

~ Leander, TX ~

At Two Therapies in a Pod, your child will have a fun place to play, get messy, explore, and learn! Parents are encouraged to join in on occupational and speech therapy sessions to observe and practice new strategies that can be used at home.

Our brand new clinic space is currently under construction - scheduled to open in Summer 2023! In the meantime, we are happy to travel and provide home-based therapy services in the North Austin area, including Leander, Liberty Hill, Cedar Park, and Georgetown.

Child in play-therapy to address fine motor and speech skills


"Finding Megan after we moved to the area has been one of greatest treasures to our family. At the time we did not have a diagnosis yet for my son; however, with her guidance and expertise, she was able to meet him where he was at and help him grow, adapt, and develop immensely. Fast forward to over a year later, we finally have found out his visual impairment diagnosis, and we can honestly say he would not be so far along without her interventions. Her knowledge, training, observation skills, and ability to adapt to my son's needs are next to none. I do not know what we would do without her. She has not only helped our son but our entire family, and we are so happy to have her. We highly recommend Megan to anyone seeking OT for any needs they may have for their child."
~ A.L.
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